Defend the portal to the living world in your Infernal Engine!

Conduct the immortal Infernal Engine against an assault from the underworld. Earn gold and hire cars filled with fighters, slayers, witches to combat the demonic forces. Upgrade your train and cars to build an unstoppable demon slaying machine.

A few tips

  • Braking your train isn't instantaneous. Try to time your deceleration to as to not overshoot your target.
  • Increasing the max size of your train through upgrades is crucial to success.
  • Sometimes it's best to save gold rather than to spend.

Controls Overview Mouse & Keyboard Required

  • Mouse to navigate.
  • Pull the throttle lever with mouse to adjust speed in forward or reverse.

Mac OS warning: This being a jam entry, the Mac OS app is not notarized. Please refer to the following documentation if you need assistance getting through Mac OS security to run: Running un-notarized apps on Mac OS

Made for Godot Wild Jam 59: "Train"

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Authorsdwdraws, ladymudkipz
GenreAction, Strategy
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Casual, Fantasy, Godot, Roguelike, Short, Singleplayer, Tower Defense, Trains


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Awesome idea for a game. Loved it. More, more!

Really good Art style and I like the concept. Id like to see it expanded on, more option for what to add to your train and as time goes on maybe the ability to control multiple trains so you can defend a bigger pieces of the map at a time and have to make sure you don't crash them into each other. I also feel like the game could benefit from a few QOL features like something that tells you the exact spot that stops your train from moving.

Hey I know this is not related to the game but is this made in Godot 3 or 4

Godot 4

I'm not sure what to think of it - it's really original and fresh, requires some unorthodox thinking, but it gets kind of frustrating when one has to go through all of those twists and turns of those rails to get to the destination


I love the style and the concept.  I haven't really seen anything else like it, and I hope you continue to either work on this game or come up with more unique games!

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very fun game. maybe you're already making this but an infinite mode would be awesome

Is the Windows version of this game a 32 bit version?

Very cool game i loved it, was stressed for no reason too.

Fun game! Kind of stressful... But very nice! 

thankfully the army didn't go for another wave. was just able to fend it off.

nice concept.

i cant play i wont let me


Great stuff! it’s a lot of fun and the game looks fantastic!

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UI Improvement Idea :

Upgrade page : remove the word upgrade and replace by the actual upgrade name and inside the card put what does the upgrade do but with as less word as possible.

Idea to differentiate upgrade from train car purchase : so upgrade appear as card but train car appear in a shop or a merchant who occasionally appear IN game.

It will clarify the "trade" process for player.

Good game keep up ! 

Good art too LFG !


Question I asked myself while playing :

Which tower are they targeting ?

Where am i right based on the overall wave ?

Anointed aim : Who are sharpshooter ? Is there a "category" am i not aware of ?

Where should i put my cursor (exactly) to not move my train ?

What are the damage by car ?

I wish thought while playing :

I love to control in game my train but i wish i could teleport if the map is big or divide my troup because i don't take damage 

Really good game, I wanted to get a full train of archer, so long that all the track will be protected haha

But the game came to end.

Love the artstyle too :)

Absolutely loved the slider, great idea, it makes the train just hard enough to control.  If you're open to suggestions I've thought up a few.

You could add some kind of brakes failure or train crash that happens when a player going at rapid speed tries to brake at full power. (Also having sparks appear when braking at high speed)

A way to restore broken towers, maybe 100 g to arise a broken tower back to 1/5 HP, could be implemented.

Also, a land unit wagon sounds fun, something that spawns a small squad to block and fight ennemies.

Other than that, having a station(s) to buy upgrades from rather than buying upgrades between rounds would allow you to keep the ennemies indefinitely spawning , with small rests periods happening whenever the ennemies' spawns change locations.

Finally, this mechanic would probably change the general flow of the game, but if you intend for it, you could add train and wagon HP + collisions with the ennemies, meaning you can ram them in order to do (and take) damage, and the ennemies cannot go through your ship, instead having to damage it until it is destroyed or the player moves it out of the way. 

And that's about it, sorry for the long message and any potential grammatical mistakes. Really loved this game, the market's appearance is well made and the art is fabulous, loved the presence of vegetation rather than having nothing but rock, stones and lava. I wish you luck and really hope your game prospers.

really cool game! I'd love to see it expanded upon!

It is quite difficult, especially to stop at the proper position to attack enemies. Still, I like the game's concept. It's creative.

It would be better if the archer car, crossbow car, and sharpshooter car had different designs. It looks like all units except the witch car has same design. I want to feel some kind of satisfaction from collecting and combining various units.

Managed to beat it, but really enjoyed it! 

If you want some feedback ... read on. Or otherwise ignore! 

I came up with some of these ideas, and then read through and saw that lots of people thought the same things. Ah well ... I've written it now!

Not all the demons were flagged by the game once they had arrived, I had to drive around looking for stragglers. 

I thought gameplay might be improved with just using cursor keys instead of the slider, but I guess the difficulty in controlling the train was part of the design? 

Could you include causing damage with the train, i.e. running them over? I initially thought that was the point of the game. The faster you go the more damage, but you might fly by, and minimise the impact your archers etc do. 

I think you could "easily" do different levels, or tracks for variety. There is the potential for a much bigger game here. 

Optional power ups. Choose to repair your towers or upgrade the train? Wandering mobs that support you? 

Also, just a suggestion (which I presume would take a lot of work, so feel free to ignore), some ability to lay tracks where you want. 

I will probably play this again though! I love the concept!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! All great ideas, we also had thought of a lot of these during our post-jam brainstorm. Really encouraging to hear it from players though!

archer solos


This build might be the best in the game, archers can dump damage with the upgrades.



Managed to beat it first try, but it got pretty close.  I was pretty sure I had lost when the game didn't end after level 10, as I assumed it would go to 66 or 100 then XD. Luckily it ended much sooner.


An interesting and well-executed concept I have not seen since some obscure flash games (I wish I could remember the name). 

Besides being hard to locate remaining enemies as others have said, my one problem is the cul-de-sac track layout that forces you around a long ways just to get a little closer to demons that may or may not be there. Perhaps add rail-side levers that the player can click on to choose more simplified paths?

Thanks for the feedback!

During the jam, it was definitely a deliberate design choice to make the track pretty circuitous. It allowed the player to navigate more of the space and lengthened the time it took to circuit the entire track to heighten the consequences of player's movement decisions.

The idea of rail levers to change your track routing is a really neat idea and totally on theme. Wondering how it might work at the breakneck speeds the train can end up going...


I really enjoyed this game, it was great! I didn't know I needed a train tower defense game.

As some folks may have mentioned, at times it can be hard to locate the enemies at mid-range. I feel like the gold economy was a little difficult at first (the sellback price seemed very low), but by the end I felt like I had enough.

Not sure if it would fit or not, but I'd love to be able to ram the enemies with the train, and maybe a way to repair the towers (if it weren't a set number of levels that is). I think getting a quick overview of the railroad tracks/map might help in the early game too. Of course, these are just my opinions, so do with them what you will.

Regardless, this was a fun game. Good job and good luck!


Thanks for the feedback, all great ideas. Balance is always tricky with the limited playtesting you can do in a jam, most definitely could use some work.

Cool concept, art style absolutely pops!

Thanks! Had a lot of fun painting the assets with this one :)


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It was so fun! Thanks for this great game.

Hey there,

I streamed Infernal Engine Defender! Overall, I think this is a really cool concept and well executed for a game jam game.

Infernal Engine Defender is about a train built to kill demons, what more needs to be said? Well, for starters, I think it’s clear we need more train games. The game plays like a tower defense game, where each round there are waves of enemies that must be killed before destroying a critical objective on the map. Between rounds, you are able to buy “troops” which get attached to your train to help kill more enemies faster - and that is where the twist lies. Unlike your typical Bloons TD, your “placed towers” are part of your carriage and therefore the towers are as mobile as your train is.

Between missions you get a vague “rogue-iness” to it in that whatever towers you can buy are randomly selected. I actually find this mechanic at odds with the design of the game. It’s the only place that randomness really impacts decision making and overall gameplay, and all it does is lead to unnecessary shuffling of the many cards you can select from - which, unlike your typical rogue-lite game with a “pick 1 of 3” system, you get to pick as many as you want from 5 (of course, each card costs money, so you gotta have the dosh to pay for the card) and you can spend a measly 5 gold to reshuffle the cards.. I think overall, this system doesn’t really do the game any favors. If it stuck with a more tried and true upgrade system found in many other tower defense games, I feel like that would work better for the game. If the player were presented with all of the possible upgrades they could pay for and then have to make a decision on what is best for their train, I think it would make for more interesting decision making. Otherwise, I would just remove the reshuffle option (but if you do that, the engine upgrades should be able to be purchased at any time, such as the acceleration, braking, and carriage length)

What I would really like to see is something like this, where the infernal engine travels the 7 circles of hell to bring the fight straight to the demon lord Satan himself. Just wishful thinking, but I definitely think we need more train games that accentuate what trains are for: traveling distances, near and far. I want to feel that feeling of traveling miles and miles away from home (while killing hordes of demons).

Either way, if the dev is considering expanding Infernal Engine into a full game, I’d certainly be interested to see how this game jam concept is expanded upon. Otherwise, it’s a nice little time waster, like the ol’ days of New Grounds and flash games.

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.

It's a good sign if you just play a game through while having fun. Great job!

Really liked the game's art style and mechanics. I also like how challenging it is since you can't really stop the train. Overall, pretty good game!  

Very good game ! The art style is awesome :D
It's hard so know where enemies gonna spawn (even with the triangle warning because the map and the rails are confusing). Maybe adding a HUD map could help.
It's seems like the camera is focus on the head of the train, not on the middle of it.
It could be interesting to display the middle of the speed bar.

Love the art style! I would say a few things missing. It lack impact like when the projectiles hit the enemy it would nice if they would explode. I good screen shake would be nice when the enemies break your tower. It just needs some juice and your set. You can check the live stream I did

endless mode when?

We got plans for this but who knows when... still have a lot of train cars we'd like to add.

Outstanding artstyle, gameplay is also very well executed!


This game is sick! The art style is impeccable

My one complaint is that the gold earned per wave could have been a little higher to allow for some experimentation

You did a really good job!!